Broken Love

Time and money don't equate to the broken Love you spend
on empty promises you make to fix a part of you
that you don't possess the tools to repair
Spending your Love from Soul to Soul, Flesh to Flesh
like an open market for sale
but you are not the vendor, you are the consumer
Spending portions of your soul
from out of your bank of Love
unable to notice that your bank is insufficient
your account is in the negative
Spending more than you make
transferring portions of your soul to unsatisfied hearts
that will bear no return to your investment
Time heals, God repairs and We Break with
Hurt, pain, shame, mistrust, and Hate
with these deposits you make determine
the amount of broken Love you can withdraw
from day to day
Time isn't worth being spent
chasing Love that is broken
from a Heart that can't afford it

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