Broken Love

I miss those days
I miss when i saw you 5 days a week
I miss walking down the hallway
Glancing to my left
And there you were
I remember that first feeling i got
When i first actually saw you
I'd seen you before but i was blind
When i actually first saw you
I remember how beautiful you were
You had your white shirt
With your blue jeans
I remember the red lip stick
And how majestic it looked
Contrasting with your pale skin
I miss the feeling of when i saw you
I remember when i knew i was in love
I remember when you first told me no
I remember how much we fought
I remember how much we made up

I don't know that you did
But you changed me in a way
That no other person has yet to do
You made me realize who i was
You motivated me to be me
I woke up every morning
With you being the first on my mind
And i would go to sleep every night
Hoping that if i try hard enough
I'll dream about you
Can you blame me?
That's the one thing i refuse
To be taken away
My right to dream
There was something you did take
And i hope you keep it forever
You took my greatest weakness
But you didn't steal it
I gave it to you
I gave you a little piece
Of my heart

I still don't know why
I don't regret it
I saw how you simply picked it up
And i saw how easy it was
For it to put it down
But when you weren't looking
I tied it to your ankle
So wherever you go
Whatever you're doing
That piece of my heart stays
You could tear it up
Spit on it
Burn it
But it'll always be there
And like i said
I don't regret giving it to you
If i could live it all again
I would do the s...No
I wouldn't do the same
I would do so much better
I would make sure you give me
What i gave you
And like i did to you
I would tie it to my ankle

And if i failed
If i wasn't able to win you
Even after the second try
I would still love every second of it
The laughs
The tears
The smiles
The endless conversations
The teasing
The love
And even the heartbreak.

As long as i could be with you again
I would go through all of that
And worse
You were my best friend
And now that we act as strangers...
I can only dream...

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