Broken Man

Who are you to tell me, Who I might be
I will soon be free, Or that I might see

Who are you to say, That pain goes away
If only I pray, Or walk a certain way

I have scars on my scars, No pieces to mend
No cure in the stars, I'm just a broken man

I can feel no pain, No love or loss
I don't mind the rain, Or bearing my cross

Numbness is nothing, the walls can stop all
Never living or trusting, Or fearing the fall

I have scars on my scars, Not even a friend
No need to go far, I'm a broken man

So tell me time heals all, Or that I can move on
Chin up, and stand tall, It won't last long

Here stand I, for all to see
To all you who believe, That a man can be free

See the scars on my heart, the hell in my hand
My soul torn apart, A broken man

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