Broken Man

Lying my own shit looking at the sky,
Wondering how I got meself in this state,
I don’t understand the reason why,
People look at me with contempt and hate.

Cold, hungry and in need of food,
Begging for some cash to fill me belly,
Wish I was at home with all me brood,
Pass by shops with cooking programs on telly.

Down and out and living on the street,
Cardboard city is where I now live,
Frosty hands in search of some heat,
Ordinary folk walk past, to busy to give.

Hang out with the other dirty hoboes,
Kids tease, spit and have their laugh,
Call me names and mock my filthy toes,
Oh how I wish I could luxuriate in a nice warm bath.

Huddled up in an anonymous doorway,
With only a scabby flea bitten dog for a friend,
And the stench of urine, that won’t go away,
Each boring day seems to have no end.

I often think of the good times I had,
A big house, a car and a wife,
It was nice to get home and the kids called Dad.
Now there is no happiness left in my empty life.

I struggle with each day to survive,
I don’t know why I still have the will to live,
I wonder what keeps me going, keeps me alive,
For some reason, I have so much more to give.

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    This Poems Story

    A sad tale of a man who had it all and lost it, but still has the will to carry on with his miserable life.