broken memories

you did it again
you broke me
once just wasn’t good enough for you
so you had to do it twice
i just even keep myself together anymore
everything i do i just think about you
you did something to me
you left your mark on me
it’s not leaving
well for right now it’s not
i don’t want it to leave
just like i didn’t want you to leave
but you did
now i’m broken even more then before
not a day goes by i try to pick up the piece
of my now fragile shriveled up heart
i sit here and beg for you back
you won’t hear me because i’m not loud enough
i don’t want you know what you are doing to me
i don’t need you knowing i cry a river over you
you say we will have another chance everyday i wonder when
but my flaws get in the way
i overthink it’s not healthy you tell me to stop doing it
i try, but i can’t
i love you each day we aren’t together
but i wonder back do you do the same
or are my own thoughts in my brain trying to make me feel better
because of the side of my head keeps telling me you want her instead and that i’m just nothing important
so which one is it
i’ll never know

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