Broken Pieces

You try so hard to believe everything is alright.
So you hold on tightly with all of your night.
But the years go by and her anger quickly grows.
Your heart refuses to listen, but your head already knows.
The love that was once so true and so strong,
Now has fallen to pieces and is long gone.
You ask yourself how it could come to this.
You start to think of the good times with her you will dearly miss.
Her love grew to hatred, her heart became so cold.
Now you're wishing she would come back for you to hold.
You took her love for granted, and you played on her heart.
Never believing, you were tearing her apart.
And now that she's gone, you feel so lost and alone.
Knowing now that she will forever be gone.
So you turn to the needle as your saving grace.
Thinking that it's the only way out of this hurtful, lonely place.
Numbing the pain that years you up inside.
Wanting to disappear and make all the hurt subside.
So you close your eyes and her face you see.
Knowing in your mind that you are not where you need to be.
The tears rush over you and you fall to your knees.
Praying to God to come and put you at ease.
You slowlybdrift off into eternal sleep.
The face of your Angel is there, making you weep.
You look in her eyes and know it can't be the end.
And that's when you realize that this too, you can mend.
So you pick yourself up, and you brush off the pain.
Then you finally begin to see the sunshine through all of the rain.

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