Broken Pieces

I continue
To live without his presence
Slowly, crumbling me into pieces
Until, I know that there will only be a
Hollow shell in place of me

I continue
To strive for his presence
But I know he will never come back
My heart has been ripped away
And I don’t think I will
Be able to mend it

I sit here near his grave
Knowing that I won’t be able to walk away
In one piece
I am dead,
I am hollow,
I am jealous,
As he continues to be happy,
Leaving me
To pick up the broken pieces
By myself

His time had come
Much sooner than it was supposed to
Funny how everything can change in the blink of an eye
I loved him so much
All I hold
Are the memories
But, even they
Can’t change the fact that he is gone
And will be forever

I am forever
Grateful for being loved by a caring soul
He left me to pick up the broken pieces

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This Poems Story

This poem was really hard for me to right, as this is a different perspective. This is in a perspective of a girl that lost her best friend. This poem shows the insight of how she is feeling. I like writing my poems in different perspectives, as it gives me the chance to see what it feels like to be in others shoes. This poem was really deep and I can’t imagine what it would feel to loose my best friend or a close person.