Broken pieces of me

I was only 8 years old when I started to break
My innocence,and the beginning of a massive earthquake
He'd come in my room a monster he'd be
Afraid to tell because no one would believe me
He was the first of many monsters
from 8 to 16
What did I do wrong I would cry
but no one could hear me
17 to 24 Brought on so much more pain
Kids by different men searching for love through all the rain
My son was almost a month old
And God wanted him back
A piece of my heart died that day
"My God why'd you do me like that"
25 to 32 pieces of me still breaking
Death all around and my marriage fell apart
Suicidal thoughts and so much stress put a strain on my heart
33 to 39 Now I've almost lost it all
Cps took my babies now I'm
tipping about to fall
Oh Lord my God where are you I need you to see
I've crashed into tiny shards of pain
So many broken pieces of Me.

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This Poems Story

Honestly it's a poem about all the hurt and pain I have and continue to have in my life and I just hope one day God sees ME.