Broken Pieces

You brought your fist to my face and you turned it black and blue
You gripped my wrist too much and tore the skin in two.

You slapped me like it was nothing and shattered my damaged heart
You turned me into bones when I was once a work of art.

Even worse, you spoke poison with your tongue,
Lashed out with your words, turning my defenses into an empty gun.

You coated me in venom and convinced me it was right
You feigned loving me by the day and abused me at night.

The bruise lay on my cheek but mentally it was all over my skin
You diminished me to nothing and fooled me into thinking I would win.

My purity was valuable to you and you planned to rip it apart,
And when I didn't let you, you left me like a torn up paper heart.

You tore apart my skin and left my lungs dry,
You broke my fragile mind and left me there to die.

You got the better of me and I can't shake it off,
I breathe your bruises and taste your venom in every cough.

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