Broken Promise

There is a mirror,
A mirror of promise and hope standing alone in a meadow
Through the rain, sleet, snow, heat or cold the mirror still stands
Though some may walk by and marvel at it's beauty
They will never understand the mirror feels just as they do
The mirror is at peace for months on months
Never desiring to move

One day a woman with tears in her eyes and anger in her heart,
Crossed paths with the mysterious mirror
Maybe it was the hue of the green and blue
Or maybe it was the simple fact she did not know what to do
But she picked up a rock and threw it with all her might
As the small pebble clashed into the mirror
The mirror felt it was as a bolder instead

The mirror was broken and so was the trust
The pieces were left in that meadow for what seemed like years
'Til the creator came back to his masterpiece in it's fallen glory
Though he fixed his mirror back up new, the sad sad thing is
You can still see where the glass broke
There's a mirror,
A broken mirror of promise and hope still standing alone in the meadow

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