Broken Promises

I’m tired of promise that aren’t kept,
The maybes that keep me frozen in time,
I’m tired of wondering, wishing, and praying for things to change;
You call me ungrateful for what you do, did and done but it wasn’t for me but for you.
I admit I’m not the most honest person,
I admit that I lie too,
I admit that I’m selfish,
Easy to judge,
And harder to trust,
But hey half of it I got from you.
You’re waves crashing against stone,
A hurricane no one saw coming,
You’re the sun that burns my skin,
The plague everyone fears,
I thought I was over it,
I guess I was wrong,
I thought I was done,
I thought I gave up,
The anger,
The hurt,
The let downs and disappointments,
Turns out not much change,
You’re still a tide wave,
A snake,
A two tongue devil,
Your words poison,
But this time I want to be free,
I’m unlocking the shackles,
I’m opening the door,
Your words have no power over me.

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