Broken Promises

Again I find myself, laying waste to the love I have, to the love I had.
Bitter is the taste of the fruit that I’ve spoiled.
The fruit that I’ve somehow found another way to decay.
Sinking in this ship of broken promises, recalling the treason I’ve committed.
And all for what? For a moments worth of empty fulfillment?
For a touch of distorted love? It is just that, distorted.
At last I see the destruction I’ve caused, the fire left in my hellish wake.
Devouring my innocence, eating away at my heart.
By severing the link to You, I’ve collapsed the many bridges to Your love, perfect and divine.
As I sink further down into this sea of regret, slowly drowning,
Your hand plucks me out of the dark water.
How could one who receives so much treachery, give so much devotion?
I’ve slaughtered the trust given to me, dismembered the love I was undeservingly handed.
All this I’ve done in the name of desire, but have gained only decadence.
It baffles the mind, Your mercy so infinite.
Though I dare not try to understand the impossible.
For they say knowledge is power, but a power easily turned sour.

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