Broken Record


What are you waiting for?
End it already! You are worthless! You are not meant for life!
DO IT, end your life! No one loves you, what makes you think you deserve life?
Piece of shit, stupid bitch, kill yourself!

Everyone wants to glorify mental illness until someone actually kills themselves.
Depression is not fucking beautiful, it is torture for every person who will ever have it.

To the generation who puts blades to skin to create scars to fit in with everything around you, I am so sorry we failed you.
You do not deserve the pain the world puts you through.
I promise you it will never be worth it to hurt yourself.

The images you see on social media of girls who are withering away to nothing or the boys with a fist full of pills is not who you should wish to be. If that is who you are I promise you are not alone.

When the universe is against you look up to the sky and tell your demons,

"I will never let you win"

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