Broken Records

By Ariana   

I've been working so hard to be so strong
thought all these distractions could right the wrong
I want to be everything for you
Love your soul and what you do

But somehow these scars stay on my heart
somehow I still can't heal
thought I was stronger that this
the pain is too hard to conceal
I wanted to be in total bliss
turns out I'm just a broken record
so easily dismissed

I can't even tell you his favorite song
or what makes him smile
but I think I like that he's been hurting for a while
He's broken like me, but his spirit is free
He's a broken record
let's play a tune
I guess I want to be played by you too

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This Poems Story

After heartbreak you go through wanting to date again, but terrified of loving again. This poem was about finally wanting to get back in the game, but with someone who is as broken as you. Spoiler alert: that never works out well.