Broken Rose

When I thought the love that was once so real that it'll never end,
She looked so beautiful so delicate like the brightest rose out of them all,
As I laid eyes upon her I fell deep in love,
A trance that I thought that will never break,
As time went on she began to weary to wether
That my once so bright and vibrant light
That I once saw was now a black foggy cloud,
I hurt her so much to the point
That I broke her
Into a million unfixable pieces,
I tried to pick up the shattered cold glass pieces
And piece her back together but I couldn't,
I love her more than anything but I know that I'm not the one for her
That without me she'll be happier,
I can't take back the things I said,
But I need praise for trying,
I just want my once so bright and vibrant rose to be red again

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