Broken Smile

The broken one, once beautiful
Smiles no more
Her beauty fades with her smile
It used to light up his day
When she beamed up at him
But the pain, the things that broke her
Led her down an evil path
She only wanted the pain of the past gone
But in her venture she lost him
The one who made her smile
Her past was wretched
But that was before him
And he couldn't kiss the pain away
She thought about the bridge that was once her roof
The flattened cardboard box that was her bed
Even though these things were in her past
They wouldn't leave her mind
And in trying to escape past thoughts
She fell back into the trap
The allure of not having to feel the pain
All in a little pill
But soon the pills controlled her
Strings to her puppet
They took hold
But the pills no longer did their job
All they did
Was break her smile

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