Broken Soul

What's the purpose of life when you possess a broken soul?
When it is said that you should see that the glass is half full
But no one ever said who fills it no because that's your part
Lost in the incessant darkness of which surrounds your heart

Indescribable pain lurks on the surface of your being
Waging war on your soul tempting you to stop believing
Awaiting for the perfect moment on your weakness to pounce
When your life seems to be want you want to renounce

Just wait it out and soon you will receive that extraordinary day
When finally you emerge from the pressure as a diamond some way
Your beauty transpires and your soul lights on fire
Suddenly, to stay alive becomes to you, something dire

When you take down that pain, that evil devil
You'll be feeling blissful, right on another level
To yourself you'll say, been a while since I've felt this way
Guess a broken soul isn't a death sentence, not today

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