Broken Vessel

I was ripped from my inner veil
All I could do was wail
As this well known male
Who sails out with no bond
No bail
Or time in jail
I’m the one who is left frail
My mind keeps reliving the time when
He broke through my hymen
I'm slowly dyin'
The pain of that night has never left me
I've carried it into my destiny
Perpetrating like I was fly
All along I was getting high
It was my Novocain
Bringing joy to my membrane
I couldn't get enough cocaine
After a while the white dust
Made me become promiscuous
Allowing me to trust my feelings of lust
Now enjoying the stolen most precious part of me
Giving it away so freely
With each body that I held tight
I pretended that every wrong I was doing was right
With no humility in my abode
My body became a human commode
Can I get a witness
I was just a place that they did their dirty business
Paying me in orgasms
Proud of their mechanisms
I give up
No more men
I’ll try lesbianism
None could fill my emptiness
All of it was just a band-aid covering up my madness
Teetering on the verge of insanity
It's so uncanny
No one understands me
Putting me in their judgment box casting their vote
Thinking that they know me ’cause I use dope
Their too afraid to pick up the soap
To wash away their own dirt to reveal what they use to cope
I will not hide
Be covered
Nor nestled
I will expose that I am human but more than that I’m a child of God who is a
Broken vessel

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