Broken Vows

In my deepest darkest despair,
I reach for you but you're no longer there.
Your promise to me of never being alone,
Was broken the night you left our home.
The love you swore that was to be only mine,
Was worth nothing to you, a waste of your time.
The words I will love and want only you,
Were nothing but lies, never meant, not true.
Purposely causing one so much pain,
Is a dangerous way to love, its not a game.
My tears fall like a steady rain,
No one understands or knows the pain.
The years weren't a complete waste to me,
I wanted to try, start fresh and be free.
I wanted my forever to be with you,
You chose another and to be untrue.
The more the days and weeks drag on by,
My eyes still find the tears to cry.
Being worthless and having no value I see,
Tossed like trash, for me you had no need.
Hurting someone so they take their own life,
Was a talent you possessed, but had no right.
I hope that someday you will finally know,
The courage and strength it took to let go.
Your choice to take another woman to bed,
For that you lost the wife that you wed.

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