Broken Yet Holding On

Seventeen, I just turned Seventeen.
I thought it would get better, but I guess not.
It just seems to be getting worse.
Why? Why am I so broken, do people not understand I'm hurting?
I'm tired of being the one that people always pick on,
I have depression and its not fake.
I am not always depressed, but when I am I want to go.
But where is here?
I'm broken yet holding on.

Sometimes I wonder how I became so broken?
What made me become so broken. Broken, broken is who I am. It's me.
When did I become so broken, it's like no one seems to care.
I cant let go, how do you let go of the past?
Will I ever be okay?
I'm broken yet holding on.

I want someone to be there? Is that to much? Why me?
Why do I feel like I have a split personality?
Obviously I'm not okay. Where am I? Where is here?
Where is home? Do I have a home?
How do I get through this?
I need to take a breath, I need to chill, I need help,
Why do people ask for help and never get it?
People don't know how to help me.
Am I unhelpable? unlovable?
I'm broken yet holding on.

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