Brokenhearted Child

Ses's from all the lies.
Crying as she ask her mom why
does daddy have to lie. Not even he can
answer that because she still won't understand
why her daddy wants to make her cry.
All she wants to be is daddies little girl.
Everyday she feels alone because her dad isn't
apart of her world. She see's her friends and their
dad's all eating and playing and all she can do is look
as they watch her in shame. Some may ask "where's
your dad?" And there is no explanation just a lie
"he had to work today" even though she wants to
break down and cry.
As she walks home shedding tears and sobbing
asking herself why doesn't daddy treat me like he loves
me? I just don't understand why he wants to leave me alone
in this big Ole'world, Theres nothing I want more from him but
to understand I just want to be daddies little girl.

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