Broom ana dustpan

I always pick up your pieces
When you fall apart
Its usually always your heart
I sweep them up like a broom
Like a dustpan i collect them and swoon
I dont know why or how but you sucker me in
And like a fool I rush in
Saving you once again
From the sadness and pain that someone else causes
I do it without pauses
I wish it wasnt this way
Cause once its over you dont stay
Like a broom and dustpan you put me away
Until again you need me once more
Just like before
I am tired of being your broom and dustpan
I can never say no
Cause I can never see you go
Because I will always be your broom and dustpan
We will see when you need me again
If I say yes or no
It will probably be yes cause I love you so
Just another day of being your broom and dustpan

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