Broom and Dustpan

I was once open to the idea of trust
Yet never had an ideal example
Discovered quickly that those who give most
and love the hardest end up with their hearts in shambles

Pieces, of debris left over from someones careless party
in the cavity of your chest
Had their fun with your benefit of the doubt for them
and left you to clean up the mess
Left you with no answers, just dial tones accompanied
by successive tears and short breathes

This is a common scene in everyone's life so may the reader
feel free to fill in the rest

Now for those going through this as I have
whether it be a young lady or young man
I am here to tell the cleaning process is fairly difficult
and I hate to say I understand
But I remember being where you are
and wishing someone would lend a hand
So please feel free to borrow
my broom and dustpan

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