By Vickie   

If I see you hurt a hair on his head
Or you make him have tears on his cheeks
I'll make sure that when you go to bed
You'll end up screaming in your sleep
You may not realize how much he can do
But what you're doing right now will make him better than you
That's right, he grows stronger
Every time you scream louder
Every time you say and order
Prepare for the day that he ignores you
Where you won't have any place left to go to
But the corner
Like a coward
After that he'll move forward
While you move downward
Or should I say lowered
Into your grave
It's because of your mistakes
That you ended up this way
So remember this every time you say
“You're worthless
Ain't got no purpose”
The only money that you get
Is by stealing purses
Of all the curses
You're the worst
Man, why you gotta be like that?

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I got a little...protective.