Brother’s Keeper

Everybody is trying to get bread
Not looking to see if another gets fed
Sidewalks people get stepped over as they sleep
Mothers weep
Loaves of bread get wasted and children starve
What’s the harm
As I backslide who is watching
Who is helping them or me
No one lives alone
Our maker gave me you
My brother
And I am willing to fight the reaper
To keep you
If he wins he can take me too
If you have more than enough
Be fair
What about the VETS
The suffering looking for rest
We can help, you can help
Widows may suffer but I am the buffer
Wasteful spenders spend millions on trinkets without thinking
When for cheaper they clean, the water people
Are drinking
When is enough enough
When are people more valuable than stuff?
Natives still fighting over land
How many centuries does it take to have grace
Running oil pipelines under streams and lakes
People locked with no charges a global disgrace
Where is the outrage?
Mankind manages the earth by polluting it for others for profit
And making precious plants and animal go extinct
What do people think
No man lives alone
To one family we belong, one place to call home
Am I my brother’s keeper of course

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