Brown and Tan

Brown and tan, the color of sand,
between your toes, and in places
you don't wanna know.

Brown and tan I'm a big fan,
It's on my walls, in the house,
the shed, it's the color of my bed,
It's in my head.

Brown and tan, man o man,
everyone likes brown and tan.

Brown and tan, it's on the floor,
do you want more, it's the color
of my neighbors house, even his
car that looks like a mouse, is
brown and tan.

Brown and tan, it's a grand plan
to go with brown and tan, it fits
like a rubber band.

David W Carter

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This Poems Story

Brown and tan was inspired by me and my wife. She decided that brown and tan was the colors that she wanted on the outside of the house. I went with it. Painted the house brown and tan. After finishing, I stood back to admire my work, and that's when I realized almost every house in the community was brown and tan. There was even one car that was brown and tan. I chuckled and the words just came together.