Bruised Knees

She hits the floor,
Bruised knees,
Can't take the abuse anymore,
She flashes back to life before,
Before the bruises,
His hands not around her neck anymore.
He tightens his grip around her neck,
Pushing her into the wall,
She screams for him to let go,
But he doesn't stop.
Emotionless he finally lets go,
She tries to move before he snaps,
He is faster this time,
Grabbing her arm he pulls her back,
The corner of the table and her body collide,
Her friend helps her to the couch.
He says he is sorry,
He didn't know what he was doing,
But she is done with his lies,
She gets up to leave but he grabs her leg,
She hits the floor,
Bruised knees,
Can't take the abuse,

He moves away and she forgets,
Until she gets the call.
He is coming back and wants to see her,
Now she relives it all.
She shakes in fear of the past,
Worried it will happen once again,
Then she can't try to forget,

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