Bruised Lips

She treats my lips just like my heart,
Bruises them without a second thought
And if I stay the night she just might-
Not erase me when the morning comes.
Stay still so long, my legs go numb
But if I move in the night she just might-
Decide she doesn't like the feeling of me next to her.
Her eyes come into my mind sometimes
When she closes them, she closes the blinds
On me.
A future with us is something I only see.
Maybe being blind is better
But I like when she calls me clever.
Falling apart is not her thing
It's mine, I fall apart all the god damn time
Pieces of me rain down from the sky
She can't look me in my eyes when I cry;
See my pain in the mirror.
Wipe away the fog, she wants something clearer
Take a shower and get dressed.
She only admires me at my best
But my sweat and stress scare her.

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