Bruised Love

Even if you break my heart,
I'll say it's fine and let you walk away.
Even if you are happy and I am alone and broken,
I'll tell you that I'm okay.

I smile when I see you, and cry when I dont,
my heart is soaked in wine, as I cry myself to sleep at night.
But if I know your okay and happy,
it makes it worth-while.

My pain and sorrow comes last if the matter is about you.
So I hold my head up high, even when everyone can tell it's just a lie.
I smile at them and tell myself we just grew apart,
love is lost, and where you are, it is found.

So as I sit empty and alone in unbearable pain,
seeing you smile that smile for someone else.
I just wanted you to know, I am happy for you and whatever is to come.

I smile at the guests and walk away,
hoping in time I'll be able to love again,
with the little bruised love that has remained from loosing you.

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