Bubblegum the flavor of innocent childhood
Open the wrapper, see what’s inside
Bubblegum , bubblegum
Who will decide?
Chewing and chewing
Molding and mushing
Model student or athlete
You can decide
Bubble gum, bubble gum
Why is there no more flavor?
They have broken it down and stretched it all out
If there's no more flavor go ahead and spit it out
Bubble gum, bubble gum
Can you see
We mold our children into who we want them to be
Bubble gum, bubblegum
There's no time to waste
Mix more extracts before they turn gray
More clubs or sports?
Piling on top of each other
Stretching and stretching until the the gum runs thin
bubble gum, bubble gum
The end is near
The gum has now disappeared, disintegrated into atoms
As it hurls into the depths and voids of making everyone proud
bubblegum, bubblegum

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