Weights are bound around my ankles.
Bubbles surrounding my mouth.
Looking up at you from beneath the surface.
Sunlight impeding me from your air.
Inside this sweet, suffocating, saran wrapped longing.
Gasping for inescapable moments.
Inhaling what feels to be her winning.
Both of your lips intertwine as my pulse weakens.
Neither hesitating to look down.
Why not let the waves consume me?
If I take in the moistening of your mouths,
The coughs of trepidation,
The statuesque rushing of blood out of my throat.
You would be exhaling the last breaths you now take in.
See you are blinded from this insoluble liquid,
Draping over me like linen over a carcass.
With her blindfold scratching,
At every surface of your nerves.
Red bubbles now wave up higher from where I stand.
I'm boiling when you're pushed into the ocean.
By the time you realize I was beneath the surface,
One final bubble is thrown from my lungs into yours.
Suddenly I'm the weights around your ankles,
And she's the one longing for a gulp of water.

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