Yaffa Slurzberg

Its bubbling inside of me just waiting to come out
But how do I express it, do I scream or do I shout
I do not usually rhyme this way its actually kind of odd
But maybe this is how its meant to be, how its set to be by G-d
I feel an urge inside of me, I need to do something about it
Is this what I am supposed to do, just ramble on, and write it?
Yes I know, I rhymed it with it, sorry about…it
But I’m liking how this is coming along, so no I will not quit.
I have to pee, but I want to write, I know that’s TMI
But that is life, the constant pull to do what’s wrong or right,
OK this isn’t wrong or right but yet still quite a struggle,
The strife between the brain and body is what’s causing all the trouble
And now that this has gone so random
Will this poem gain some fandom?
I don’t know
That’s not the goal
I just want to express
What’s in my soul.

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