Bucket List

The call to prayer startles you from your sleep, thinking it might be the police outside your door.
But don’t fret, let the lavender, maroon and turquoise sunrise over Cappadocia calm you.
Let the gentle sway of the hot air balloon rock you to sleep as you sail over the Fairy Chimneys.
But never let the grand Hagia Sophia, the symbol of Turkey, slip from your memories.
Neon signs flashing Japanese characters, advertising –– something.
Young girls walk the streets dressed in Harajuku fashion.
BRIGHT wigs. Exaggerated makeup.
The bright colors of the Church of Spilled Blood hide the cruel punishment for its completion. The stunning Amber room of Catherine the Great's Palace, where it is now?
It is still a mystery.
The people walk the streets, not offering a smile as you pass by.
Yet now, it is time to sail on.
But then, a storm comes, a storm of sand, carrying you to a land of mysteries.
You become enchanted by the hieroglyphs on the wall, hungry to unravel their secrets.
A 5,000-year-old civilization lost in the wind, stolen by the Greeks.
Side to side goes the Jeep.
Your eyes are focused on the surrounding area, hoping to catch a glimpse of a tiger.
But suddenly, there it is, laying in the water.
The orange sun rises over the Taj Mahal, honking of Tuk-Tuks fills the air impatient to go.
But it is time.
Time to wait until the next adventure calls.

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