Buddhist Antichrist

I thought you were supposed to be accepting
Yes, I'm the antithesis of my parma
Judge me because I'm left-wing, hate me for my dharma
I told you about my explorations
In private, to tell me your considerations
You pushed me out of my religious closet
I trusted you, told you of my posit
You told them out of your concern
You hypocrite, burn expletive, burn
Now I'm mocked for my ideology, ridiculed for my meditation
I'm the study of your religious philosophy
Lead from the Tibetan nation

I've never said to you a word
You crucify me for apostasy, your savior made your vision blurred
I'm your self-fulfilling prophecy, I'll be your pacifist Antichrist
If that's what you really desire, in peaceful water I'm baptized
Burn me in your holy fire

I just want to get through the day
Without the holy children gasping
Judging me in their naivete, condemnation rasping

So yes, I'll be your object of scorn
Yes my soul, you can mourn, shower me with your hate
Sorry I'm not Christianized, no I'm not an apostate
But I'll be your Buddhist Antichrist

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