Buffalo Skin

Let me tell you a story,
of the American Bison glory.
The Indigenous Natives use all of what they kill.
It's the same with the buffalo skin still.
For over two thousand years they reigned king.
Their skins a prized possession of a thing.
For you see, nothing was thicker than their hides.
Wrapped in buffalo, meant safe inside.
No knife, no spear. or arrow could penetrate.
So warriors were safe to meet their fate.

Now we come to the present day poetry land.
I'm asked to rate poems no one could comprehend.
I'm a warrior, twenty years of military is why.
I tell it like it is, what I see, just cut and dry.
So if you can't take criticism, then open your mind.
Put your buffalo skin on, and you just might find.
I'm trying to help you, to achieve your sublime.

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    This Poems Story

    I'm an English Literature and Leadership and Management Major....going on 45 years of building successful team corporations. What I found as the primary need when starting a corporation (especially in todays non-social world) you need, clear, concise communication skills they are a necessity. Otherwise you leave the door open for interpretation for your audiences perceptions. So if you write a poem no one can read...on purpose....you are shooting yourself in the foot from the start. Keep that in mind folks, when you write your poetry. You want your clear concise words to flow correctly, then the other key element is correct punctuation. These two items are the cornerstones to great poetry. Without them your dead in the water, when it comes to capturing your readers train of thought correctly. I hope this helps everyone.