Building A Life Together

Lets go somewhere warm.
You and I arm in arm.
This relationship we been living is going as smooth a cream.
Its so perfect i thought it was a dream.
I know it sounds cliche but the proof is dead in our face.
Maybe its time we stopped living separately and got our own place.
Wait a sec just think bout his for a moment,remember
how you tried to hide your heart and like a thief i just stole it?
Why dont you drop on by after work and lets have a"sit down" to
discuss this relationship matter.
And come to some kind of agreement that will cause
any doubts to shatter
So im offering you my last name.
it may now be of royalty or any historic fame.
But by taking my last name you and I will definitely
be changing the game.
And when our friends find out what we have done maybe
it will influence them to be the same.
So for better or worst through a blessing or even a curse.
I promise to love you forever and a day and i promise to put
our family first.
We'll both make mistakes and argue over some of the dumbest things.
But we will work it out...thats one of the joy's marriage brings....

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