Building for a Change

Building for a Change

Build, create,
That's what they all say.
But you’re the one standing on the sideline.
Waiting for your chance,
That may never come.

Think, imagine,
That's what they all say.
But what if you’re expected to not bring any ideas.
Your brain,

Dream, be a leader,
Just under them,
Not noticed.
Trying your best, with no award.

Invent, imagine,
That's what they all say.
But your inventions seen as nothing,
Nothing to anyone except you.
Even when there better than the others.
No attention is paid.

Design, envision,
But when felt excluded,
You don’t perform your best.
That’s what they all see.
But nobody knows.
They think it’s just how you are.
That’s just where you stand.

Improve, make,
That’s what they all say.
Feeling like a shadow,
Over in the corner,
Noticed, by no one.
Repeating everything they do.

Adjust, rebuild,
Be strong, be big.
That’s what they all say.
But like a bug,
Small, helpless, and weak
Wanted to be swatted away by some.

Represent women,
We are trying,
But some get results
And some get the opposite.
But we try,
Never giving up,
We fight,
We march, we make change.
Not there yet but making progress,
And progress is what we want.

- Olive S.

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