Sun rays swelter, melting all the product in his hair
Running to his brow and dried by arid air
Swa the of humid horror stifling every brea the he takes
With bruised and blistered hands he builds,
through bone and body shakes

He barters breath for every swing to build and build he must
Banging, beating, no retreating, throwing life in every thrust
Skin on neck and back are cracking, cured by sun and salt
Muscles ache, and quake to make him bow and break and halt
the wanton whines of torrid wind, whistling woeful tunes
Turn back, lose hope, and be dismayed, just as the wind-washed dune
the sand joins in with wind to bray, and scratch him to the quick
Squinting Eyes, and trembling thighs, a wincing and a wrick
His thirsty thoughts suggest he ought to stop this hopeless fight
But still he sweats and shivers, swinging hard with all his might
His savage swings so stubbornly give searing nails his best
And looking up toward heaven, he vows to never rest
Though mind's mirage makes bargains making promise if he'll stop
To bring relief and pleasure if he'll let his hammer drop
He grinds his bones and beaten hands to stable up the wall
Beating, beating, oft' repeating God's promise to us all
He said if I would build it, my life He would sustain
No consequence can shake me, I'm trusting in his name
Though feeble, I'm not weakened, He'll finish what he starts
He called for me to build on earth, what He's building in my heart

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