They tell you,
They tell you,
Oh, you, about the danger of love...
But what they will never tell you
Is how to protect yourself from heartbreak.
When you are a baby,
They read you those stupid fairytales.
But what they don't tell you
Is fairytales are nonexistent, nonexistent, baby.
We are brainwashed, oh, brainwashed.

If you don't wanna be shot,
Then baby, be bullet, bulletproof.
Be immune to bullsh*t, never let bull catch up to you.
Wear a vest-oh yes, a vest-that is bulletproof.
Never fall in love, just love.
Take it from me, from me-yeah, from me-
You will be safer if you are bulletproof,
Protect yourself from bullsh*t before you start bleeding...
Oh, bleeding from the shots of heartbreaks.
Baby, be bullet, bulletproof.

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