Bullets and Bars

There goes another one
Shot or put behind bars
Put behind bars with battle scars
Scars from protests
Ones from which whites try to contest
These white cops try to put us to rest
But we just raise one fist to show who's best
Bullets and Bars
These whites try to define who us black men are
How many more will be shot
How about those we say are guilty but the jury says is not
Some say our race is a disgrace
Or just by the look on that white cops face
When he pulls the trigger to decide another black person's fate
A fate a black man can't decide because there's a gun to his face
Bullets and bars
One shot after another
Now there's a sad mother
Are whites favored over blacks
Like dogs are liked more than cats
Keith Scott, Alton Sterling, and Terence Crutcher
All of them shot dead, now sons don't have fathers
Bullets and Bars
Be careful of how you look and who you are
Because you can be shot with a bullet or put behind bars

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