Bullets Versus Roses

(Son and Dad at the spot of terrorrist attack)
'I hear, Dad, the thunder rumbling.
Why, men and women, zig-zag whining
Up and down ? They are scrambling
One on the other bleeding.'

'There are bad guys, their faces hiding,
AK-47 their fingers fiddling .'
'Should we run leaving our mother-land,cheerless,
When howling the wolves dash dauntless ?'

' Running away,dear, makes no remedy,
Facing the music will be, but, bloody.'
'Do we have arms to match the whizzing bullets ?'
'Yes ,we've roses wafting fragrançe as pellets'

'Bullets versus Roses...! Who'll the winner be.'
'It will be the Roses indeed, I assure thee.
The sweet scent of roses will linger longer
Than the choking smoke of warmongers.'

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