As she sat alone in her room,
She softly cried so nobody knew.
Finally dark, she rested her head.
Her mind was too filled to go to bed.
When she slept, she started to dream.
Her mind conjured up something extreme.
She was in school and her face was red.
Everyone was talking about what she had said.
She woke up with tears streaming down her face.
Her heart was beating fast as if she just ran a race.
Her mom ran in after hearing her scream,
Her face, red as a lobster, her eyes seeming to gleam.
She left for school with her heart on her sleeve.
She got there and saw something she couldn't believe.
Her name was written in sloppy lines,
Mean words were put right beside.
She began to cry.
She knew those words were lies.
Her mind raced as she ran home,
Gathering more thoughts but her mind still roamed.
She ran to her room and slammed the door.
Not long after, her parents ran up.
They questioned her on why she was home.
She said angrily, "Leave me alone!"

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