I walk down the halls silent and afraid.
I keep my head down heavy with shame.
Surrounding me are echoes of laughs and flocks of smiles.
I haven't been that happy in a while.
Soon enough the burning and itching starts.
Name after name,
Each word hits me like a splash of acid,
I wish for just one day to silently get to my classes.
The bell rings, what a sigh of relief.
As I sit, I'm surrounded by rows of empty seats.
The teacher starts teaching but my mind is elsewhere.
Am I fat? Am I emo? Why do they laugh and stare?
I watch the clock spin, it seems like forever.
With each hour passing my shoulders get heavier.
At school I try to be the best I can be,
I stand up for others, so they don't feel like me.
The feeling is not just temporary, it hurts you forever,
No one deserves to feel invisible, alone, and unwanted.
I make them smile, laugh and feel important.
No one deserves to be drowning in words,
Pull them up, let them breathe fresh air,
Keep moving on it will be over soon,
Love who you are because you are a magnificent you.

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