So you think you're all big and tough.
The best way to express yourself is by being rough.
You make fun of the way that I act.
Yet you fail to get to know all of my personal facts.
Just because I'm different don't think I lack in strength.
It just means that we're sitting on different wavelengths.
So you think what you do is not hurting me?
Did you get dropped on your head where you think you're a bee?
'Cause I think deep within you are full of fucking shit.
And anyone who thinks this is right deserves to be hit.
But I'm not like that to stoop down to the lower level.
I'll let you have all the fun playing with that evil devil.
You two are perfect for each other.
I would almost say even brothers.
Make someone feel like they're a piece of useless dirt.
You might as well have asshole written across your shirt.

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