I feel like I am at my lowest,
Or maybe I'm more below it.
Sometimes I want to fade into black,
And talk myself into never coming back.
Never ahead, always looking back.
Strength, Courage, and Confidence are what I lack.
Paid close attention, this is what I found,
Never looking up, I'm always looking down.
Fake smiles and vague laughter.
I'm waiting for my 'Happy Ever After"
I'm losing my mind, slowly fading to insane.
So many racing thoughts, that travel through my brain.
Will you ever lose the grip on my throat,
You're clinching tight and won't let go.
It's coming the time for me to be set free,
Free from the pain that you have caused me.
You're hands loosen and I can't breathe,
Here it is! This is it. Could it be?
The time has come for me to go.
Now... I guess you know.
Is it funny now? All the names?
All the nasty notes and all the games?
Do you realize what you've done?
You're class is now shorted by one.
As I lay in my eternal bed, being lowered down six feet,
Not a word to be heard, just sounds of weeps.
Is it funny now? Answer me this question?
Little girl so young, just entered the gates of heaven.

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