Bumper Sticker

If I were a bumper sticker where I traveled the world
Where all could see me, read me, judge me….what would I say?
“Follow me, and see where the journey takes us?”
“Don’t get too close to me as I don’t easily trust.”
Would I say something about my beliefs or about the people I love?
Would I say something inspiring to lead them to my Lord above?
If I were a bumper sticker placed where everyone could see me would I insult, offend, inspire
Would the picture around my words make you follow my desires?
But I’m not a bumper sticker yet I have the ability to do the same!
I can say kind and loving words or point my finger at political or government blame.
I can stand tall and live by example to show I am a strong and I can lead;
Or I can stand out and show my anger, be racist with my comments that mislead!
You’ve heard it only takes one voice to make a difference?
Then YOU be that one voice, that bumper sticker that
Stands up tall, stands out to wipe away all ignorance!

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