Burden’s Embrace (Wasted)

All I know is
It's fucking useless
To start fights
And spew lies
That further confusion.
I'm a sack full of words
But never do I ever get the nerve
Of saying things to you when they need to be heard.
In my escape
I grit my teeth
And clench on this lonely waste of a face.
It's pounding with subtle disgrace.
You're as good as golden
But the burden's embrace
Makes me question my place.
As if I'm surrounded
By feeling dumbfounded.
That's all I was to you.
A wasted breath
That hates the bed
Of lies we lay in.
I was sick of the mind games
Now spell out your reasons
Why we fight on a nightly basis.
I'll tell you you're right
If that makes you choke back the things you mentioned.
Did that make any amount of sense?
Who cares?
I'm desperate
And this page is already wasted.

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