Burgundy Hues, Connecticut Shores

Those sounds and vibrant little messages
Messages that you had to think over once they passed
Bobby Darin's "Beyond the Sea" continued from the side
Kicking, rolling like the shore
Whatever sea he spoke of, you hope she was seaside
You look to the shore before you, just beyond dunes
White came and left, foaming fingers that stretched
Seaweed strips and dunes of tangled dune grasses
Tangled like hair, bowing and twisting under winds
It would lead you there soon––your heart––but when?
When, you think, will moonlight push closer tides
Or push her closer to you?
She was gone, eastern Stockholm, coasts of Waterford
Burgundy eyes, olive skin, easy dimples in easy smiles
Salty goosebumps, salty lips when they met shoulders
Morning shades from neighboring aspens
Suns cresting the far, hazed blue horizons
Painting infant skies of nautical breezes
Painting, like you paint unborn thoughts to blank pages
Your writings for her would come, and they would travel
Burgundy eyes soon reading typewriter text
Dimples prompting smiles in easy lips
Materializing, winds that blew, colors that dulled
But Connecticut shores were cold
And you have been cold since you pushed her away
And maybe she was cold, too

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