And I am left adrift,
Squinting through weary eyes,
To see the origin of its motility.
I am my own oceanic vessel,
Brine in a turbulently kenetic state.
Harboring wieghted feelings of vast emptiness,
Morbid grey with a white capped effervescent pulse.
Biologically, my present course was forged,
Pressed and carved out like argillaceous earth.
Inherently impressionable,
Then transversed to a calliously intractable ore.
The injured party through enviormental circumstance.

You cannot take what you cant carry,
Into the drink you are released,
Capsized and submerged.
A viking funeral for moments lost,
And wasteful time left spent.
No search party for obscured fragmented ideation.
No light refraction in this monsterous abyss,
You shall stay embedded.
Left forgotten
Supine and deathly,
Where i will desist from invoking you.

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