Burial of No Namez

It's him again me again Harkiel That Bat last notes string broken on my guitar
bag of goats. That I'm under this bridge with a tin cup with crass holding nickels dimes
pennies and two quarters to a cigarette smoked.
These filled lungs until they explode begun chase to see myself in a huge castle
that's gated in Scotland.

That's away from faces that don't understand what I'm chasing book shelves
and learning pages through it free.
It's throughout them life a supreme intellect on strike from the fee stales something internal
tells me that they aren't worthy!
I must let go most sometimes I think I am stupid losing because of my financial woes
troubling so what?

A beast sickening archaic awake slayed cursed from the beginning he was dirt
without this word called respect. Then buried in the sand millenniums ago left there to worse
in the desert found. By her the dead vampire with bat wings arose
soon rises to kill again. That's for blood that will be on my hands this logic
pencil cynical always soaked in an ending.

This is without a change of a metaphorical heart clinically dark challenges thought
of the mind have not have told. Them anything yet divine scriptures picture these sculptures!
I'm anal turd the devils reject first best no second guess illustration script.
This is my passion is this Satanism only my poetic justice in bloody horror messages this is romantic.
I am a demonic success story cleaning toilets dirty stains.

I am not showing remorse for any of these so called "women". I not am paying them anything.
I'm never with except these damned demented lyrics.

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It's just romanticized satanic demented fiction certain aspects of objective reality displacement dialogue thought.